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Place: KR Store Backyard
c/ Montsió 6 bis Barcelona

09/07/2010, 20:00h - 22:30h
13/07/2010, 12:00h - 20:30h
14/07/2010, 12:00h - 20:30h
15/07/2010, 12:00h - 20:30h
16/07/2010, 12:00h - 20:30h

The photographer DizyDíaz presents a series of portraits of the designers participating in 080 Barcelona Fashion and residing in Barcelona. These portraits, in black and white and made using an analogue camera and developed by hand, use screen printing and cotton as a means to unify fashion and conventional photography, through entirely artisanal processes, to offer us a very out-of-the-ordinary exhibition.

Consorci de Comerç, Artesania i Mode de Catalunya

With the collaboration of:

Ajuntament de Barcelona